Tendinitis - Luca Pella


Tendon inflammation or pathology can have various contributing causes. It can be found both in very sedentary people and in sportsmen.

In both cases, what occurs is an alteration of the tendon structure which loses its elastic response function to mechanical stimulation.

In addition to structural alterations, the tissues surrounding the tendon undergo an altered mechanics that modifies the sliding forces to which they are subjected, further altering the local bio-mechanics and the consequent pain response.

In the event of tendon overuse (typical of both professional and amateur sportsmen), there is also an alteration in the vascularity of the tendon.

Tendon pathology is complex and often an effective intervention must take into account many aspects of the person and cannot be limited only to the electromedical approach or to passive stretching only or to local manual treatment only.

The route includes:

identify the mechanical alterations of the athletic gesture and if possible from what other aspects they derive

Changes in the intensity of physical activity so as not to interrupt it but to make it adequate to support the injured tendon

Creation of a personalized and evolving exercise plan according to your needs

Support manual work to improve performance during exercise

Fascial Manipulation

In this case it mainly deals with improving the recruitment capacity of the affected muscles by eliminating the tensions deriving from other disorders. The manual work on the Myofascial tissue allows the Nervous System to better manage the technical gesture according to more natural lines of tension. The global approach also allows us to intervene on contributing causes that can support the problem from multiple points of view.


Moxibustion can support the treatment to improve the vascularization of peripheral tissues and through the response of the autonomic nervous system to heat, improve the vascularization of deep tissues.

Therapeutic Exercise

It is really important in this case to use the correct progression of exercises in order to restore the land capacity of the tendon and, through the muscle traction, to restore the structure of the tendon.

what techniques might be indicated in this case?

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