Backache - Luca Pella


When it comes to pain, the first that comes to mind is definitely Back Pain as it is a problem that most of the population has experience. Fortunately, most people suffer from it occasionally and after a few days the problem goes away by itself. In some cases, however, this problem lasts longer and in some people a more or less constant sensation of tension or stiffness in the lumbar area develops with which they seem obliged to live. Occasionally, as a result of efforts or particular situations, it can happen that the pain accrues and forces you to resort to medical treatments which allow you to resume your normal routine fairly quickly … Until the next acute episode. In short, drugs, although useful in the acute phase, are not very effective in chronic pain. And they are definitely not effective in making it disappear completely. But why is this happening? Medicines are usually anti – inflammatories. They work very well when the body is faced with acute inflammation, which has specific chemicals that lead to particular characteristics of pain that we know well. In the chronic phase, however, the chemicals present are completely different and the anti-inflammatories cannot act adequately. After anti-inflammatories, painkillers are usually tried, which work very differently to change the perception of pain; The problem in this case is that drugs are often not enough in the long run and the dosage must be increased. This problem occurred massively in the United States and Australia where very powerful painkillers such as opiates were widely used, but they were addictive and as a long-term side effect … INCREASED THE PAIN. Pain is a perception and as such depends on many things other than pure and simple mechanics. For this reason, chronic pain cannot be treated in the same way as acute pain. Neuro-sciences have led us today to understand much more deeply the mechanisms underlying the perception of pain and through adequate education we can greatly improve the quality of life of patients.

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