It is an exclusively manual method, almost completely painless, which does not require the use of aids, creams, external equipment, medicines or special precautions. It can be practiced anywhere, in any environment there is a bit of tranquility.

We all agree that in algodystrophy, the sooner you start working on it the better but, contrary to what was believed, the Neuroreset method gives the possibility of obtaining results even in the third or fourth phase (sadly known as end stage) .

The sessions can start with a multi-day frequency and then gradually arrive at a bi / once weekly basis, until the progress achieved is definitively acquired. The therapy can last from a few months (3 or 4) up to 1 or 2 years and it is not possible to make predictions or forecasts.

It is not possible to predict a priori whether and when the patient will have complete recovery; unfortunately this depends on many factors which at times do not depend on either the patient or the therapist.

To diagnose algodystrophy, one cannot wait for the typical radiological signs to appear: it may already be too late.



In cases of chronic pain, at the level of the sensory and motor cortex, changes are made to the brain images of the involved areas. This is one of the mechanisms that are hypothesized to underlie the development of non-mechanical pain.

Through NEURORESET we give the brain the ability to perceive the affected part in the best possible way with the difference that this is perceived without the evocation of pain.

This allows to calm the central and peripheral state of alertness giving the possibility to slowly improve the articular excursion and to bring the inflammation back to manageable levels by decreasing the edema, redness, swelling and pain recovering well in advance of respect. as usual the full functionality of the area.


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