Ontake - Luca Pella


Among the various techniques of modern moxibustion we can consider one of the most original and interesting ones.

The name Ontake means Warm Bamboo. It is the name of the technique and it was codified by Master Oran kivity. Over the years I have participated in several courses with Oran and learned how to use Ontake, giving a lot of help to people.

The difference compared to other moxibustion techniques is mainly the dynamism that characterizes it and the possibility of combining the benefits of heat stimulation with those of pressure and massage.

The dried mugwort is placed in a bamboo tube open at both ends. It is lit with an incense or a lighter and begins to burn in a slow and controlled way inside the bamboo-

Now bamboo is used to transfer heat to the body with various techniques that can have a more activating or relaxing effect depending on the person’s needs.

Master Oran kivity has added the possibility of working with this technique in order to exploit some body reflexes to be able to work at a distance of the painful area or to be able to influence the whole body in various ways.

Rhythm becomes a fundamental ally and according to Japanese medicine, the various body structures respond more easily to certain frequencies that can be performed thanks to Ontake to improve the ailments that the person suffers from.

what techniques might be indicated in this case?

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