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The Mézières Method

The Mézières Method is a scientific, rehabilitative and individual technique which, through the restoration of body symmetry, determines functional recovery.

The therapist identifies the causes that support the symptoms reported by the patient and proposes personalized exercises of global muscle lengthening, accompanied by proprioceptive inductions and manual therapy techniques that will allow the recovery of physiological motor modalities.

is a rehabilitation technique developed by the French therapist Francoise Mezieres. It represents one of the first Western methods that take into account the union and continuity of the various parts of our body that were always considered as separate and not part of a single system.

In recent years, several studies have questioned the existence of a link between altered posture and pain: in a nutshell, it is absolutely not certain that a certain neck posture corresponds to neck pain. In clinical practice it often happens to find postural alterations that are not painful at all. Often the patient does not even know he has them and comes to the office for very different reasons.

The thing that these studies do not take into account, however, is that pain is often the result of the various tensions and postural alterations that the body presents.

Postural analysis allows us to identify the areas of greatest rigidity of the person and to be able to intervene globally to decrease tension and restore homeostasis

What I have understood over the years of practice is that posture itself is not a problem… it can become a problem if it loses its ability to adapt and therefore its elasticity; a typical example of this comes to us from everyday life. When I was wandering around the schools to study, it sometimes happened that I could save on accommodation if I was allowed to sleep in the school (Shiatsu schools have plenty of mats) and at the young age of 23 sleeping on the mats on the wooden floor it wasn’t a problem. Now that I have a few more years, I would still be able to sleep on the floor … But I don’t know how elastic and snappy I would be the next morning. The body loses the ability to adapt due to tensions that are maintained over time for various reasons, not least emotional tension, but also organic dysfunctions that last for a long time (for example, a gastric reflux that has been going on for years will easily lead to a stiff chest)

During the Mezieres session, the patient plays an active role in the execution of the exercises proposed by the therapist. In this way he has a decisive role in solving problems

The role of the Mezieres therapist is to identify the causes that support the symptom reported by the patient and to identify specific personalized exercises aimed at resolving it. In doing this he will also use passive manual techniques

The therapy is organized in a cycle of individual treatments, differentiated according to the therapeutic needs and characteristics of the subject

Treatment of scoliosis by the Mezieres Method

Remembering that scoliosis has an unknown etiology, the Mezieres Method can be a valid therapy in all those scoliosis that do not have structured bone deformities regardless of the age of the subject.

In the event that bone deformities are present, the Mezieres Method can play a role as supportive therapy integrated with other therapeutic modalities, in a multidisciplinary context

The field of interest is that of orthopedic pathology:

VERTEBRAL (scoliosis, hyperlordosis, kyphosis, compression of the intervertebral discs and related radiculopathies, sciatica, cervicobrachialgia, etc.)

ARTICULAR (arthrosis, scapulo-humeral conflict, coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis, etc.)

MUSCLE (low back pain, stiff neck, myalgia, etc.)

DYSMORPHIC (temporomandibular locking / subluxation, knee varus or valgus, flat or cavus foot, anterior plantar arch failure, hallux valgus, etc.)

TMJ re-education

The Temporo – Mandibular joint (joint that allows us to open and close the mouth, located just in front of the ear) has been the subject of more or less scientific studies for many years. It had become something of a fad and the therapist who didn’t know her was taken for unprofessional and out of date. In the current state of science, we know that there are no direct relationships with a certain type of posture (1st, 2nd, 3rd class). But we also know that constant and incorrect activation of the lock muscles of the jaw can help increase neck tension and increase tension headaches.

When necessary, it may be useful to use an assisted exercise, deriving from the Mezieres technique, which restores a correct relationship between the muscles that manage the jaw, thus greatly improving cervical problems and headaches if they are dependent on this problem.


The Mezieres Method is an effective therapeutic tool but can cause harmful effects if not applied correctly and by an accredited professional.

Unfortunately, many professionals declare that they apply the method even if they have not followed specific training courses.

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