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Temporo Mandibular Disorders and Pandemic

 In recent years it has become increasingly common to have to approach the various problems of patients taking into account the problems of excessive teeth clenching as the cause.   Many people, many more than in the past, have begun to grind or grind their teeth in a more or less conscious way and this habit […]

Chronic inflammation

Si sente parlare molto spesso di infiammazione cronica o di stato infiammatorio generale. Per comprendere a cosa corrisponde lo stato di infiammazione cronica occorre comprendere innanzitutto a cosa corrisponde lo stato infiammatorio acuto. L’esempio più tipico di stato infiammatorio acuto corrisponde a quello della Febbre; la febbre corrisponde a un elevato e rapido aumento dello […]

Low Back Pain and Belly Problems

In clinical practice it happens quite frequently to have to deal with people suffering from chronic back pain, that is back pain that has persisted to a greater or lesser extent for a long time. In most cases, the symptom presents itself with moments of very intense pain that can last from a few days […]


Among the various techniques of modern moxibustion we can consider one of the most original and interesting ones. The name Ontake means Warm Bamboo. It is the name of the technique and it was codified by Master Oran kivity. Over the years I have participated in several courses with Oran and learned how to use […]


There is a lot of talk about stress … It seems to be at the origin of most modern diseases and probably plays an important role in the genesis of these dysfunctions in our body which can then evolve into real diseases. Over the years of practice, however, I realize more and more often that […]

Quanto sei stressato?